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Waterville Holiday Results

The Waterville Garden Club would like to thank all of those who decorated to celebrate this year’s holiday season.

The three judges enjoyed driving around to judge the homes around Waterville. We even had a few additions outside the village limits.

Homes within the Village of Waterville were judged in two categories, overall effect and doorway. Businesses were judged separately, as well as Garden Club members.

The Best of the Best category is a recognition separating those who have won over the past two years. This year the judges added the following categories: Over the Top Decorations, Warm and Cozy Christmas, Creative use of Color and Lights, and Festive Porches.

Best of the Best Overall Effect:

1st place (tie): Mr. & Mrs. John Pumilia, 44 Tower St. and Mr. & Mrs. Francis Wright, 354 White St.

2nd place (tie): Mr & Mrs. Jerry Coiro, 466 White St. and Mr. & Mrs. Mike Blinebry, 179 Madison St.

3rd place (tie): Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pumilia, Stafford Ave. and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Upcraft, 192 West Bacon St.

Honorable mention: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tice, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Patterson

Best of the Best Doorway:

1st place:

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Maine, McCabe Rd. and Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rogers, 139 White St.

2nd place:

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Langone, 124 W. Bacon St.

3rd place:

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Salata, 203 Osborne Ave.

Honorable mention: Mr. and Mrs. Mott

Overall effect:

1st place (tie)

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Davis, Osborne Ave. and Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Recchio, Tower St.

2nd place: (tie)

Mr. & Mrs. Stillman Wright, 349 White St. and Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Moran, 197 West Bacon St.

3rd place:

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thomas, White St.

Honorable mention…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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