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Solar Project Gets Preliminary OK

Town of Sangerfield Zoning Board of Appeals members reviewed the conditions for a solar panel project and found nothing to prevent their approval last week.

The ZBA spent two hours going over the process for a Special Use Permit and issues that have come up in the months since NextEra asked for the SUP for a 27-acre site on Brothertown Road. Because the town has no zoning concerning solar projects, the SUP is required.

The ZBA is the final step in the approval process; the Planning Board already endorsed it 4-1 and the Town Board does not have a vote.

The ZBA stopped short at their meeting last week of reviewing everything and giving a vote of approval due to lack of legal counsel. After the Planning Board’s meeting Nov. 11, the town discharged Attorney Evan Rossi and as of the ZBA meeting had not hired a new attorney.

Town Supervisor Lorena Lenard, who was at the ZBA meeting, said the goal is to have someone approved at the Town Board’s meeting Dec. 10. The ZBA scheduled a meeting for Monday, Dec. 16 to have the attorney there and to make a final vote on the project.

During their two hours, the ZBA reviewed a number of matters with legal counsel, the project manager and an engineer from NextEra.

One of the concerns raised during the Planning Board review was that the…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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