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WCS Capital Project Includes Remodeling Kitchen Area

When voters in the Waterville Central School District vote on the next Capital Improvement Project in December, work will include redesigning the kitchen at the Junior-Senior High School.

At last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, board member Russell Stewart updated other board members on the Capital Project committee’s plans for the $11 million vote scheduled for Dec. 3. Much of the work will involve converting the Junior-Senior High to geothermal for heating, while another element is replacing the turf field at Brothertown Stadium.

Stewart said the committee realizes the kitchen area, unchanged since the building was constructed in 1973, needs improvements. “It needs a better flow of traffic for both the workers and students,’’ he said.

While the design is in the works, two ideas are to move the dishwashing area to all one side, and take the cash registers out of the kitchen and put them in the dining area.

District residents will have a chance...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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