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Be Civil, Courteous

As the leaves turn and pumpkin becomes the flavor of the season, November elections bring out letters to the editor.

We want to remind readers and letter-writers of a few rules we follow at the Times. Sending a letter to us is not an automatic guarantee of publication if it violates the standards we follow.

1. Keep it on topic in support of the person/party you back. Submitting reasons why the opponent should not be elected should be avoided. In other words, don’t follow the examples set by this year’s television campaign commercials.

2. Candidates are encouraged to send a letter explaining why they are running and their views on relevant topics. These are run free of charge.

3. While we are flexible in our word length, keep them reasonable. A couple of reasons why the candidate has your support is plenty to back up your opinion.

4. All letters need to include the name of the writer and where the person lives.

5. Mass-marketed letters will not be run.

6. All letters must be submitted by Oct. 26 to appear in the last issue prior to election. Letters in support of local candidates will get priority over ones for state offices.

This country was founded on the premise that people would have different political views. Every November citizens get to express that freedom of differences by voting for who they believe best represents their beliefs.

We welcome letters that support this freedom of expression in our country and celebrate that we can have different opinions and still treat each other with respect.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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