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Parking Ideas Discussed

Residents of Madison Street offered some options to the Village of Waterville’s parking changes on their street at a public hearing last week.

While the village’s proposals would also bring changes to West Bacon and Main streets, as well as limiting turning on and off Tower Street, only people concerned about Madison Street turned out for the 20-minute public hearing. The village postponed any decisions until a full board and Attorney Bill Getman could weigh in at their Aug. 6 meeting.

Resident Patty Blinebry said she understood the need to control access on Madison Street, which is used as a shortcut to get to Routes 20 and 12. When cars are parked on both sides, traffic coming from opposite directions have to adjust.

The village’s changes would ban parking on the Village Green side of the street and allow it on the other side. In addition, no parking would be allowed during mornings and afternoons school buses use the road.

“I have reservations about blocking parking on one side completely,’’ Blinebry said. “I propose alternate parking on odd/even days so it is equitable for everybody.’’

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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