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Car Chargers In Waterville Lot

Two charging stations for electric cars have been installed in the Village of Waterville Parking lot behind the medical center.

The chargers, which are free for drivers as of now, are part of a Clean Energy initiative the village is doing. Installing the system is the fourth of four required steps that now allow the village to apply for a $50,000 grant to do more energy efficient steps.

At last week’s Village Board meeting, Trustee Dan Nichols said some of the work that can be done if the village obtains the grant are changing the 88 decorative street lights to LED lights, sewer plant upgrades, additional lights at Babbott Park and installing solar-run speed meter signs in the village.

DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy said the car charging station would have needed an additional $2,000 to install a pole in the Village Hall lot, so was moved. People find such stations through an app on their mobile devices.

The two stations cost just under $1,200; eventually the village will require that users pay for the service.

In other matters, Eric Olmstead was appointed to the village’s Planning Board.

The board set the new hours for the Village Clerk’s office at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, with the office remaining open Mondays and Thursdays from 12 to 1 p.m. The office will also be open 8 a.m. to noon Fridays.

For the full story, check newsstands for this week's edition of The Waterville Times. You can also request a previous issue of The Waterville Times.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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