WW Considers Electric Charging Stations

The Village of West Winfield Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

Village Clerk Scott Van Duren reported the Village received a letter from New York state saying the Village is due to receive the $50,000 fund check soon.

Board member Carl Wheat said the Solar agreement was ready to be signed.

The Board tabled approving the resolution accepting the five-year contract.

The Board held a discussion about applying for Block Grants and grant ideas.

The Plow Truck Bond has been received and is filed.

The Board held a short discussion about electric car charging stations.

Village of West Winfield Board meetings will be returning to Bisby Hall in June.

Village of West Winfield Mayor Jim Thomson said Sunday, May 29 would be named Ronald Parks Day in the Village in recognition of his service to the community, including as a village trustee. Sunday, June 5 is John Jones day.

Thomson gave a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped during the April 19 snowstorm. Thomson thanked Al Moxom, Shawn Murphy, Andy Peo, and Nick Stokes especially for their efforts.

Thomson gave a special thank you to Boardmember Jim Murphy for setting up the warming station. Thomson said the Board needed to have a discussion about setting up warming stations in the future.

A discussion about reflective tape being installed on the Bisby Hall stairs was held. The Mayor said he was looking to hire a temporary part-timer for mowing services.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper.