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Winfield Will See New Town Website

The Town of Winfield Board met Wednesday evening to discuss new business.

The meeting began with the Board discussing new website options with Christian Depasqua. Depasqua explained the benefits and improvements he can offer to the Town of Winfield's web system.

Board member Sue Korosec asked in-depth questions about the process of making changes to the site and certain features and accessibilities available through the new program.

The Board approved a resolution to move forward with the production of a new website at a cost of an initial $2,000 building fee, and $365 a year in maintenance costs.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the payment of the General Funds and Highway Funds. The Board approved a resolution accepting the Supervisor's and Clerk's reports. The Board approved a resolution to accept the April meeting minutes with corrections.

Town of Winfield Supervisor Budd Osborn reported he was meeting with a representative of a local bank to discuss changing accounts to a new bank. Osborn said he would be holding a meeting with the representative to discuss the benefits of changing banks.

There were 128 participants in Trash Day with 25.8 tons being removed.

Paul Jones reported he's gotten quotes for…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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