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West Winfield Generals Enjoy SC Trip

By Amanda Beigh and Sabrina Denton

Members of the Mount Markham varsity baseball team traveled to South Carolina over Spring Break.

When the Mount Markham Board of Education denied school support for the trip, the team decided to go back to its roots to become the West Winfield Generals. The effects of this experience will have a positive impact on the baseball program for years to come.

The original goal of the trip was for the team to come together at the Ripken Experience, a nationally recognized baseball facility, to play in competitive baseball games against teams from all over New York state.

Players raised money to pay for the costs of the trip and transportation was provided by parents. New York State Public High School Athletic Association regulations require NYS teams to play only other school sanctioned teams.

This caused a brief bump in the road, but parents and players decided to become a club team and go anyway. When supporters heard about the challenge, instead of taking donations back, many donated even more to ensure the trip took place!

In a week-long experience, players came together and worked hard to grow at incredible rates. They played at the Ripken facility twice a day in the form of practices and inner squad scrimmages.

While the hope was to play competitive games, playing the inner squad scrimmages gave every player the opportunity to…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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