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WCS Will Celebrate 150 Years As District

Waterville Central School District will celebrate its founding 150 years ago with a ceremony in May.

WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring told the WCS Board of Education last week that all students will participate in the May 16 event at Brothertown Stadium.

The celebration begins at 9:30 a.m. and students will be dismissed for the day when it’s done.

Students will prepare for the milestone by learning about past classes and alumni. Classes will each contribute to a time capsule.

All students will receive a T-shirt to wear to the ceremony.

Invited guests include all retired teachers and superintendents, former BOE members, all alumni, parents and community members.

Guest speaker will be WCS graduate Stephen O’Dowd.

Teacher Vincent Elacqua will speak on behalf of the teachers.

In other news from the two- hour meeting, Board members heard that the proposed 2024- 25 budget will balance revenues and expenses without using any fund balance.

Spring and Business Manager Cynthia Amarosa reviewed the latest numbers on the spending plan.

Board members asked for clarification on the line item providing money to teachers for classroom supplies.

Some Board members said in the previous meeting’s discussion about what each class received, they thought the $750 meant per teacher.

Instead, it means per grade or by subject topic. “At MPS that comes to about $250 per class,’’ Board member Ken Boone said. “A 3 percent increase of $23 is $7 per classroom. What does that get you, a box of pencils?’’

Board member Steve Stanton has raised the issue at an earlier meeting because he said teachers should not spend their own money on supplies.

Teachers have to provide everything they need, from paper clips, scissors, paper, decorations, markers, writing ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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