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WCS Through The Years

Over the next weeks the Times will summarize some of the highlights of each of the last 150 years since Waterville Central School District was formally centralized.

Waterville’s educational roots stretch further back than 1874 when students from area towns and hamlets all came together for the first time in one building. Waterville’s first documented school was in 1813.

The District will have a formal recognition of the centralization of WCS Thursday, May 16 at 9:30 a.m. in Brothertown Stadium.

All alumni and community members are invited.

The Times gives grateful thanks to the Waterville Historical Society for opening up its collection of Academic Unions for the last 150 years.

1965: Seventy-eight students graduated, including Alice Green, the first Black student to get a WCS diploma. The boys basketball team went 18-0 and won four games in the playoffs to finish undefeated.

1966: Sixty-three students graduated. The first woman, Catherine Harding, was elected to the WCS Board of Education. The Ski Club started at the High School.

1967: Seventy-three students graduated. Girls soccer and volleyball started as varsity sports.

1968: Forty-six students graduated. A girls track team was formed.

1969: Sixty-six students graduated. The Class of 1969 picked the Venus flytrap as their class flower. The boys junior varsity basketball team had a win streak of 35 games going back three years.

1970: Eighty students graduated. A number of seniors chose ‘Born to be Wild’ as their favorite song. Junior varsity football was added. The boys basketball team was 12-1. There were five sections of first grade.

1971: Seventy-six students graduated. The High School began a chess tournament competition. Football had, according to the Academic Union, an unfortunate season. Girls basketball won their first championship in a number of years.

1972: Eighty-seven students graduated. Waterville High School had its first foreign exchange student, Sebastian Karig.

1973: Seventy-three students graduated. The Academic Union published its first color photos. Boys basketball lost 111- 106 to Sherburne in triple overtime.

1974: Eighty-nine students graduated in the 100th year of Waterville Central School. A Skeet Club was formed. Every elementary class had four sections of 25 to 30 students each.

1975: Eighty students graduated. A Horse Club and a Puppetry Club were started.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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