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Waterville Pop Warner’s Under 12

Provided Photo

Waterville Pop Warner’s Under 12 team beat Auburn 40-19 to claim the Empire State Championship. The Eagles went unbeaten this season and also won the Tri-Valley Championship, joined in that with the Waterville Under 8 team. The U12 team was coached by Tom Kilts, Kurt Carney, Brad Dunlay, Darren Treen, Jeff Kimball and Andy Szewczyk. Players on the team are Ian Carney, Gian Iannone, Brycen Kilts, Dillan Treen, Wes D’Imperio, Jace Eisenhut, Nolan Dunlay, Ethan Kimball, Parker Nelson, Dylan Frost, Tucker Florenz, Connor Gentile, Grady Gilliam, Frank Buffa, Kayden Wells, Huntley O’Connor, Jayden Ortman, Thomas Massey, Landon Ratcliffe, Andrew Howard, Alyssa Lloyd, Addy Ruane, Shawn Fitzgerald, Parker Lubey, Reece Mosher, Jesse Hafelin, Andrew Cosentino. Cheerleaders for the team were Peyton Bianco, Alexandra Blum, Aria Cook, Alivia Kane, Lana Mueller, Ella Nourse, Willow O’Connor, Adeline Sandleben, Chelsea Sullivan, Raegen Krause.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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