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Waterville Garden Club Awards Best Decorating

Winners of the Waterville Garden Club’s 2023 Christmas Decorating Contest:

Overall Design

1. Francis Wright, 354 White St. and Jerry Coirio, 466 White St.

2. Bryan Briggs, 355 White St.

3. John Mariani, 102 Stafford Ave.

Classic Doorway Design

1. Pat Vick, 139 White St.

2. Mark Mullin/Marc

Steinberg, 214 White St.

3. Pat Blinebry, 179 Madison St.

Porch Design

1. Dan Maine, 1311 McCabe Road

2. Matt Patterson, 104 White St.

3. Mike Lynch, 118 East Bacon St.

Whimsical Design

1. Al Green, 128 Berrill Ave.

2. Mike Sansone/Angie Hynes, 202 White St.

3. Gloria Sheppard, 417 White St.


1. John Pumilia, 447 Tower St.

Winter Wonderland

1. Tammi Cowen, 157 Sanger Ave.


1. Morgan’s, 108 Main St.

2. Serene Touch Salon, 111 Main St.

3. Pumilia Apartments, Madison Street

Schoolhouse Apartments

Lorna Torchia and Joan Crawford for Hallway and Courtyard designs.

Many Thanks,

Waterville Village crew for the Village Hall and Bandstand


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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