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Waterville First And Colgate Team Up

Waterville First will undertake a study of the area to find out what is needed and other data to help the economic picture.

Julie Dudrick, associate director of Colgate University’s Upstate Institute, spoke recently at a meeting sponsored by Waterville First at the Waterville Historical Society. Dudrick explained the mission of the Institute and how it helps local communities.

Upstate Institute assigns chosen Colgate students to work for 10 weeks fulltime in the summer partnered with a municipality, non-profit organization or business. The student collects data and information based on what the entity is looking to better understand.

Colgate picks up the cost for the student’s work and there is no cost to the participating entity. The student researchers can also evaluate, analyze and create video productions as assigned.

Brian Bogan, president of Waterville First, told those gathered that one goal is to find ways to get people within WF’s area more involved. The organization represents municipalities in the Waterville Central School District.

In 2014 WF had a Student Fellow who created videos of the community to use on WF’s website.

“What information do you want at the end,’’ Dudrick said. “What will you do with it? It should be something gathered that will help push a goal forward.’’

Bogan said WF will discuss the details over the next weeks.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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