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Village Residents Concerned About Property’s Condition

The Village of West Winfield Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

The meeting began with residents of Main Street expressing their concerns about a neighboring property's buildup of debris and trash. They said their concerns were shared with the other adjacent neighbors and they requested guidance from the Village towards rectifying any issues.

The Board approved a resolution to purchase a new plow blade for the skid steer, authorizing up to $500.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the water agreement change.

Boardmember Sandy Smith volunteered to work on the Village's codes. Boardmember Jim Murphy volunteered to join Smith with the Codes review process.

The West Winfield Fire Department answered nine fire calls for September. Forty-one Ambulance calls were received. Murphy reported the Village's ambulance is in need of a new mattress.

"We had a bad call Friday," Murphy said. "And we're in real need of a new mattress in the Ambulance."

There was a discussion about holding a community cornhole tournament and the logistics of holding it in the Fire Hall. Village of West Winfield Mayor Jim Thomson said for now, the event is a "No, but maybe."

Murphy reported the Village was not awarded a FEMA grant for new air packs. He said he met with a Fire Department up north willing to sell 14 bottles, eight airpacks, and nine masks to the Village for around $2,500.

The Board approved a motion to purchase the equipment, authorizing up to $3,500.

Smith reported she spoke with Mr. Hammond about installing the lighting setup around Bisby Hall. The Board approved a motion for the work for $2,500.

The chairlift grant application was rejected. The rejection came with a request for more information for the grant. Smith said the grant was resubmitted and they're waiting on the decision.

Boardmember Carl Wheat attended two webinars presented by MVEDD pertaining to their programs for local development. He said he gave another presentation about the impact of the climate in the reduction of the use of fossil fuels. Wheat said he would distribute a printout of…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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