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Trailer Will Be Demolished

Litchfield Town Supervisor, Jim Entwistle opened the Sept. 14 meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Entwistle read the balances of the General Funds and Highway Funds.

Codes Enforcement Officer Ray Donley’s report advised he has issued permit No. 24 for 2021. The newest permits were for septic tanks (2), one demo permit and one new house on Rider Road.

Donley received a call from CPS (Child Protective Services) regarding a trailer on Rasbach Road. The trailer was condemned for “unfit for human occupancy” and “sewer code violations”.

A letter stating such was sent to the occupant and landowner. A demo permit was obtained, which allows 30 days to complete the demo.

Donley advised he has one class to complete for his 2021 training.

Attorney Chris Bray followed up on the letter received from a lawyer regarding the 5G communication towers that may be erected in the town. The lawyer advised he would send a 45-page report to Bray and his fee would be $8,500.

It was stated at the meeting, according to NYS law, municipalities cannot ban or limit cell phone towers.

Highway Superintendent Clifford Coffin advised the Highway Department crew attended Snow and Ice Safety Training, sponsored by NYMIR…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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