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Town Planning Board Needs New Members

The December Town of Marshall meeting was called to order with the Pledge to Allegiance.

The minutes of the Nov. 8 Town Board meeting were approved. The meeting was conducted by Deputy Supervisor Colleen Baldwin, in the absence of Supervisor Jack Buschmann.

Deb Turner was the first to speak regarding logging on Dan Williams’’ property on Van Hyning Road. She said she realizes he has the right to log on his own property, but wondered why he was clearing the area.

Colleen McGill spoke about permits for building on Blueberry Brook.

Councilperson Bob Blunt stated he believes a resolution between Williams and the Town regarding permits, etc., is moving forward slowly, but he said that everyone is reaching common ground on the subject. Whatever is done, will be done legally, Blunt said.

There was no Planning Board report, as there is no Planning Board. The Town is looking for people interested in serving on the Board. If interested, contact either Buschmann or Town Clerk Mary Blunt.

Jamie McNair gave the Zoning Board of Appeals report. The maps showing agricultural districts will be on the town’s website.

McNair said he worked with Codes Enforcement Officer Dan Ford and Dan Williams on the permits. He said Williams did get an application for a Special Use Permit through Ford.

McNair has the application, and the ZBA will look at that application and start the process for reviewing with Williams all steps necessary for the permit to be granted.

McNair also gave the Comprehensive Review Committee report. Although that committee has not met recently, when they reconvene this month they will discuss short-term rentals, he said.

To the question of whether a moratorium can be issued to stop these rentals until a law can be created…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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