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Title Quest Falls Short In Overtime

Waterville boys varsity soccer team came the closest of any team in school history to capture a sectional title last week.

The Indians lost 1-0 in overtime to Cooperstown at VVS in the Class C Sectional Championship game Tuesday night. This was only the second time in school history Waterville played for a boys sectional title.

This was also the last game for Coach Brian Bogan, who has coached the Indians since the 1996 season, getting 215 wins in that time.

A minute into play a CCS throw-in found the ball free in front of Waterville goal. It was cleared by Alex Williams before he was called for a foul and a CCS free kick followed.

The kick wound through both teams out of play to give WCS possession but Cooperstown soon regained control. Tyler Green made a play to get the ball and sent a lead pass to Lincoln Briggs but the Cooperstown defense answered the attack.

A ball rolled into the WCS goalie box and was picked up by Tyler Barth to stop CCS from making a play on goal. At 5:30 of play, Logan Baker deflected a Cooperstown shot over the WCS crossbar and Barth grabbed the CCS corner kick to keep the game scoreless.

Cooperstown was called for a tripping foul and Quinn Mayne's free kick was headed over the CCS crossbar by J.T. Stiles. Good defense from Waterville forced a Cooperstown cornerkick.

WCS gained momentum enough for Mayne to put a shot on goal that was saved. A Cooperstown cornerkick was headed off the WCS post out of play.

At 15:00 of play, Waterville took possession on a throw-in and worked offensively. Stiles sent it to Mayne, who sent it to Baker, who sent it to Wilmer Macario, who sent it to Green, before eventually Braeden Reilly's free kick on goal was saved.

Soon after a ball sent in by Mayne on goal was saved. Cooperstown worked upfield to where Barth stopped a loose ball in front of the WCS goal.

Mayne’s shot on goal was saved on Waterville's next run upfield. A Cooperstown send-in to the WCS goalie box was met by the WCS defense before a CCS shot was sent off-goal.

A free kick from Cooperstown was grabbed by Barth. A Waterville opportunity led to a too hard lead pass grabbed by the Cooperstown goalie and Waterville's defense stopped Cooperstown's next push.

Stiles fought for a jump ball before sending a shot off goal. Cooperstown returned possession with a kick sent out of play.

The WCS throw-in led to Cole Pearsall's pass into the box going out of play. At 27:15 of action, Mayne's shot went off-goal before Cooperstown's goal kick went out of play for a Waterville throw-in.

A pass from Mayne was deflected to Green, whose shot on goal was…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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