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The Mug Club

Every year, Clinton Central School staff members are recognized for milestone years of service at CCS. This year Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm visited each recipient during their work day, where they were applauded by students and staff, and presented with a certificate and a commemorative mug from Clinton Pottery. A video done by staff member Amie Johnson of the presentations can be viewed on the CCS website, the CCS Facebook page, and on CCS TV. Recipients: Melissa Roy, Steve Sanderson (15 years); Liz Hobaica, Thad Lawrence, Susan Smith, Trish Boucher, Keith Grygiel, Esther Miller, Jackie Snizek, Kathleen Washburn (20 years); Lisa Tickle, Susan King, Darcey Cross, Teresa Scott, Lisa Colozzi (25 years); Wendy West (30 years); Jim Scoones (35 years).


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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