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State Names MMCSD As School For Improvement

The Mount Markham Board of Education met Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

Mt. Markham Board Vice President Jay Kulczak assumed lead duties with the absence of President Cynthia Miller.

The public hearing for the adoption of the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan was opened. The plan is available online at

Mt. Markham Central School District Superintendent Joe D'Apice spoke about how MMCSD was named a Targeted School for Improvement based on placing in the lowest 10 percent in New York state in certain subcategories.

Chronic Absenteeism is a major problem, according to the analysis. Citations for ELA and Math were noted as well.

Despite a large jump in all testing categories in 2021, MMCSD was still noticeably short of the 95 percent participation rate ESSA goal.

D'Apice said literacy and Exam attendance are going to be a major focus. In response to a question from Boardmember Robert Cross, D'Apice said there wasn't any discernible pattern to the students' missing school.

District parent Kayla Goodenaugh responded to Mr. Mesick and his description of the anti-mask public. Goodenaugh cited her experience as an RN and every day experience with masks and their interference with menial tasks.

She said Mesick's experience in the field wouldn't stop Covid transmissions anymore than masks do so leave the decision up to parents. Goodenaugh pointed out several factors needed to be taken into account with air quality and clean-air circulation not just masking up.

D'Apice sent out a congratulations for Karen Rowe and Eric Bugbee. Bugbee received a letter from the New York Association of Agricultural Educators celebrating…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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