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Sources Looked For On Bridgewater Water Leaks

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday evening to discuss new business.

A moment of silence was held for Jerry Beigh to begin the meeting. Beigh was the Town Historian and a former member of the Town Board.

Town Assessor Bernie Szarek said he'd be doing roadwork weather permitting. He's researching certification classes and signed Senior exemptions.

Town resident Jack Kenyon spoke to the Board for help regarding the creek ending in his backyard that is flooding his property. Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing recommended a hardship application through state Sen. Joe Griffo's office.

Kenyon voiced his extended frustrations with the flooding development on his property.

The Planning Board reported the Stewart's Shops site plans are submitted to the Oneida County and awaiting issues and recommendations. More information is expected at the Feb. 15 meeting.

The Zoning Board reported they will be attending training seminars at Turning Stone on the 19th. A variance for a shed was granted.

The Water Department reported the water leaks may be in the wells. The Town is waiting on an inspector to check.

Codes Officer Patrick Baron reported he's submitted his codes report to the Board. A variance request for a fence is to be determined by the Zoning Board.

Boardmember Tom Meininger received an email from Radar Signs about speed…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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