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Sangerfield Plans For A New Truck

Ordering a truck in mid-May should get the Town of Sangerfield’s newest vehicle ready for use by winter, the town’s Highway Department Superintendent said.

But as Karl Buschor told the Sangerfield Town Board last week, that would be winter of 2022. “I’m afraid if we don’t order it soon we might lose another winter,’’ he said.

Board members and Town Supervisor Jeff Reynolds approved putting in the order for the truck priced at $242,000. That’s another reason for moving quickly, as Buschor said the cost of steel increased the price about $16,000 since he received an estimate in November.

Buschor said the back orders on new equipment purchases delayed from the pandemic mean the town will not have the truck available when winter comes later this year. To get by, Sangerfield will borrow a truck from the Town of Augusta that had been in the Sangerfield fleet before being sold.

Reynolds said the town has applied for 62 percent of the cost from the Barton Trust Fund. The remaining $92,000 would be paid for by the town through a Bond Anticipation Note. Money from FEMA can also be used as needed.

Buschor said next year the town’s replacement schedule calls for the loader, the mower and maybe a pickup truck to be replaced.

Buschor said the crew has set up the base for the new sign…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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