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Road Damage In Plainfield Found

The May meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was at the Town Hall.

For the Highway Department report Howard Brooks presented the 284 agreement which describes road work to be done in 2024.

A copy is available at Town Clerk’s office.

A request for $3,000 extra was made for a stainless steel box, with three doors, to be fitted to new truck on order. Approval was tabled to insure suspension and other issues were corrected before accepting delivery.

The brush and trees at the top of Pritchard Road were cut under the guidelines of NYS DEC who were present. Ditching was done on upper Crumb Hill.

REA was contacted to cut trees along power line. All trucks receive hot and cold wash frequently to keep salt and other contaminants at bay.

Double wall fuel tanks will be researched for upgrade of the current setup.

Road damage to Hughes and Stanton Roads area has been noticed, possibly done by loggers.

The area will be monitored and Board action may be necessary to correct the situation.

Town Clerk Jon Cockett presented the report for the month of April, which showed total revenues of $55.

The local share was $54 and $1 was the State share.

Revenue included fees for Certified copies and dog licenses.

The April regular meeting minutes were approved with one correction.

The cost of drywall repair was for the tank only.

The actual work to install was done in house.

Cockett advised there has been no word from Schuyler Lake Fire District for completion of the 2024 contract for fire protection.

The Leonardsville Fire District secretary was sent a corrected contract to be signed/notarized and returned.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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