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Richfield Springs Discusses Changing Its School Mascot

Richfield Springs Central School District has begun a look at whether to change the school mascot.

Due to a recent state court decision the New York State Education Department has directed all districts with Native American mascots to switch or lose state aid. Districts have until June to say they will change and then have until 2025 to transition to a new mascot.

At the RS Board of Education’s December meeting a lengthy discussion ensued about changing the school mascot. Community members and staff were invited to share their concerns and suggestions.

Board member Brad Smith expressed his frustration with the lack of state guidance, effects on the community taxpayers, and the short time period to make changes.

Student Laken Dyn spoke on behalf of the student body, and said a change like this may be for the best.

Technology teacher Roger Barkman offered to be part of a committee and suggested contacting a district that has been through the process.

It was determined that the district would form a committee and invite input from the community, staff and students.

Last week the district began asking people to join the committee. The District will be selecting committee members Feb. 8 and those selected will be notified through email by 3 p.m. Feb. 9.

Committee membership will be limited.

The District is also seeking input from the greater school community, to include students, employees, community members and alumni, in creating the new mascot and name. Submit your suggestions to mascotmania@richfield for consideration.

A second committee is being formed for use with shared sports with Richfield Springs and Owen D. Young. Committee meetings will be held online (Zoom or Google Meet) and in-person at both schools.

This committee will be responsible for creating a shared symbol and incorporating the sharing of school colors for combined athletic team uniforms. Send an email of interest…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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