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Retirees Thanked For Years With The District

The Mount Markham Board of Education met June 14 night to discuss new business.

MMCSD Vice President Jay Kulczak greeted those in attendance and welcomed the retiring members of the MMCSD community to the retirement ceremony. MMCSD Superintendent Joseph D'Apice shared a slideshow with candid moments of each retiree, sharing some humorous and embarrassing memories from throughout the years.

D'Apice shared some words of gratitude for their contributions made to Mt. Markham, presenting each with a Certificate of Appreciation.

After the reception, Boardmember Tom Huxtable asked the retirees to not stay for the rest of the meeting and get on with enjoying their retirement.

One retiree spoke to the Board, saying, "Thank you everyone. It's a beautiful place to have a career."

Officers with the District’s FFA program spoke to the Board to give an update and review. MMFFA President Abbie Ainslie shared her responsibilities and actions as FFA President with the Board, such as writing a Member of the Month article for the National FFA publication.

The Garlic Harvest is July 7 with between 1,200 and 1,400 garlic cloves expected to be harvested and sold throughout the state. Camp Oswegatchie preparations are being made for 22 students to attend.

Career Development Events at the New York State Fair, the CNY Farm Progress show, and the National Convention in Indianapolis Oct. 25-30 are all being looked forward to by FFA members. FFA Advisor Katie Lindsey thanked the Board for their support of the Middle School AG program upgrades and additions.

Melissa Roys with the Connected Community Schools Initiative spoke to the Board about providing better community involvement in Education. Connected Community Schools Initiative focuses on classroom programming, family and community engagement, Link, and Hubs.

The Link program is recognized nationally for identifying struggling and worrying children and addressing their needs both at school and at home to provide the best learning environment.

The Board approved a resolution approving the consent agenda. The Board approved a resolution approving the May 24 meeting minutes.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the recommendations of the Internal Claims Auditor. The…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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