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Repairs Made To Firehouse

The second floor of the Waterville firehouse has almost been fully repaired after a busted pipe damaged the entire upstairs and some of the downstairs of the building.

At last week’s Waterville Village Board meeting, DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy, who is also a member of the Waterville Fire Department, said the upstairs is almost back to normal. Upstate Spray Foam of West Winfield needed to install insulation as the last step.

Water damage upstairs, where the leak began, resulted in new flooring and replacing walls including the sheetrock. The Village received a partial payment of $50,000 from insurance toward the repairs.

Bechy said the carpets downstairs have been pulled up and the flooring will be replaced.

While paying the bills for February, it was noted that the heating bill for the Main Street building was higher than usual, attributed to the furnace running more as people were there during the day doing the work…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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