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Redistricting Discussed At Plainfield Meeting

A Regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was held June 9 in the Town Hall.

Dan Butterman, a candidate for the 112nd Assembly District, attended the meeting to talk about the redistricting map, present his resume, and address where he stands on specific issues. He inquired about local issues and answered questions.

There was no Assessor’s report.

Highway Superintendent Rod Jennison reported that paving is completed and the Highway Department will be putting down shoulders and resealing after July 4.

The new ten-wheeler has not been shipped yet. The 2019 has hydraulic issues.

A request was made and approved by the Board to purchase an 8.6 Fisher Storm plow for the pickup for plowing soft roads.

The May Supervisor reports, Town Clerk reports, Minutes and Abstracts were all presented and approved by the Board.

The bid from Otsego Pro Painting was accepted by the Board for painting the courthouse and Town buildings.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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