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Quick Meeting For Kirkland Board

The Town of Kirkland Board met virtually right before Christmas for a short meeting to discuss new business.

Several line-item budget transfers were approved by the Board on the suggestion of Budget Director Tony Arcuri.

Town Supervisor Bob Meelan reported the Town received the next installment of the sales tax payments for $186,345.81 as well as a state aid check for $78,999.

Parks and Recreation Director Patti Maxam said the Clinton Arena operations are going good and people are happy to be skating.

Correction: There is no in-person viewing area at the Clinton Arena. Parents who want to watch practices can subscribe to LiveBarn to watch practices.

Meelan wished everyone a Happy New Year before he goes on vacation. Board member Garry Colarusso will be leading the Town of Kirkland Board in his absence.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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