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Questions Come Up On Festival in Bridgewater

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday night to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the June 8 meeting minutes.

New York Assemblyman Brian Miller spoke to the Board and those in attendance to introduce himself. He reflected on time he's previously spent with Bridgewater and gave some expectations with the changes in the election scheduling. Miller asked anyone who has any issues to call his office.

Oneida County Legislator Mary Pratt introduced herself and thanked Bridgewater for supporting her. She said she will continue to work closely with Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing and looks forward to developing more opportunities for the Town, saying she's proud to serve Bridgewater and would always be available for the community.

A resident met with the Board about concerns over the Art Festival advertised for July 29. The resident said the expected traffic and congestion were a concern.

DeKing said the Town had not been contacted about hosting the festival except for a flyer. Town Attorney Matt Fanelli said "The Town is aware of the event. We need more information. Right now, we're making sure they haven't gotten approvals from anywhere else."

One resident met with the Board saying, "Several of us are here to show…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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