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Proposal Pitched For Old Cemetery

The Town of Kirkland Board met Wednesday evening to discuss new business.

Clinton Historical Society representative Joanne Gillis spoke to the Board to present the CHS' DRI proposal. CHS was searching for a memorandum of agreement with the Town of Kirkland for a project at the Old Burying Ground.

CHS is proposing installing commercial grade steel fencing around the Norton Avenue and Kirkland Avenue periphery.

Gillis said an archway entrance would be constructed on the Kirkland Ave. side as well. Two wrought-iron benches are planned to be installed with the total cost of the project around $72,000.

A resident of the Town met with the Board to discuss establishing a noise ordinance in the Town after an unpermitted fireworks display on a neighboring property July 4.

Town of Kirkland Supervisor Bob Meelan said the issue couldn't technically be a noise complaint and would be an issue of legality of the permittance of the fireworks display.

Meelan said he would ask some questions to the officers…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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