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Presentation Not Age-Appropriate, CCS Parents Say

The Clinton Central School Board of Education met Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

CCS Parent Meghan Jackson spoke to the Board first in the public session regarding a presentation given to Clinton Middle School students on Middle School Career Day Dec. 10. Jackson said her 11-year-old, and other students, viewed an age-inappropriate presentation from a group welcomed to Career Day.

She said the presentation was given at three different assemblies. Jackson ended by saying she was very disappointed in the lack of response from the District and asked the District to allow all parents to choose for their children how to discuss controversial issues.

Parent Kevin Speicher echoed Jackson's statement and said about the seminar, "I truly believe the District failed our children. If the Principal, and by extension the Superintendent, didn't view the topics beforehand, then it was a failure to protect children from a complicated social issue. Give parents the chance to deny their child's involvement in these seminars."

Mary Kay Vatalaro said she was disappointed, unsettled, and disturbed by the recent line of decision making from the District. “Very let down."

Later, CCS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm responded in agreement with the parents and said after viewing the information shown to students it was completely not age-...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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