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Plainfield Waits On Judge’s Audit

A Regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was held March 17 in the Town Hall.

Assessor John Davidson reported there are a few more properties to inspect and value, as well as a few exemptions left to update. His reports will be submitted by April 17.

Highway Superintendent Rod Jennison reviewed the 284 Agreement, which was discussed and approved by the Board.

A request to submit an ad in the West Winfield Star for a part-time summer employee was approved by the Board.

The February Supervisor reports, Town Clerk reports, Minutes and Abstracts were all presented and approved by the Board.

The 2022 Gates-Cole insurance premium was given with comparison to 2021 premium.

The Audit of Town Court was not performed as Town Justice David Trevvett did not respond to requests to attend the meeting.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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