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Plainfield Plans To Sell Truck

An Organizational and Regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was held Jan. 13 in the Town Hall.

All 2022 Organizational information was reviewed and approved by the Board.

Assessor John Davidson reported he has been checking properties and processing exemption renewals.

Highway Superintendent Rod Jennison reported the tractor is being repaired. The Gradall needs repairing and they are seeking parts needed.

A request was made and approved by the Board to sell the 2009 International for no less than $20,000.

The December 2021 Supervisor reports, Town Clerk reports, Minutes and Abstracts were all presented and approved by the Board.

The insurance coverage for all Town Properties and assets was reviewed. Further information was requested in order to approve.

Central Security Systems upgrades were reviewed. Questions need to be answered prior to approval.

The Unadilla Forks Fire Department and Water contracts, as well as Schuyler Lake Fire Department contracts, were presented and approved by the Board.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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