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Optimist Student

Mount Markham Class of 2021 student Chelsea Osborn was named Youth of the Month for February by the Mount Markham Optimist Club. She chose Adria Bukovsky as her favorite teacher because she has known her for years because of volleyball and Mrs. Bukovsky has always been helpful and supportive. Mrs. Bukovsky made Chelsea's junior and senior years easier and helped her through any problems that she faced. She decided to be a class advisor for Chelsea's senior year and she helped them make so many things possible that never would have happened without her. Since seventh grade Chelsea has played volleyball and played soccer through 11th grade. She’s been a class officer, on the Yearbook Club and a member of National Honor Society. She plans to attend SUNY Poly to become a nurse practitioner. She is the daughter of Christopher and Melissa Osborn.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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