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OFFD Fire Truck Will Go Up For Auction

Oriskany Falls Village Board members will discuss the state’s change in marijuana laws at their November meeting.

At the October meeting the Board voted to put off the discussion until all five members were present.

Also at the meeting, the Fire Commissioners requested that Truck 439 be put on Auctions International with a minimum bid of $60,000. Clerk/Treasurer Amber Bell has emailed Auctions International to find out if the truck needs to be out of service during auction.

Board members approved Connor Bianco as a member of the Oriskany Falls Fire Department.

Trustee Doug Smorol thanked Codes Officer Gary Schreppel for seeing that the South Main Street barn destroyed by a truck running into it was cleaned up.

Superintendent Geoffrey Stevens met with Center State Propane and Harnic Electric to provide quotes for putting in a generator at the water plant on Valley Road. This would be done using the federal recovery money.

Board members approved Robert Snow’s removal from a Part Time Laborer position and approved Robert Bowie as Part Time Laborer.

Oneida County is offering a Main Street Grant and the Village is applying to remove and replace up to 40 trees on Main Street. Hutchings Tree Service quoted $600 per tree to remove, totaling $24,000.

The application was presented; the Board suggested getting better pictures to submit with the application….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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