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Nursing Home Promotes Local Administrator

Daniel S. Kemp, PT, DPT, MHA, CLT, of Waterville, has been named assistant administrator of Rome Health's top ranked nursing home on the third floor.

The 80-bed Residential Health Care Facility provides short-term rehabilitation, long- term care and respite care.

A Waterville Central School graduate, Kemp graduated from Utica College with a bachelor of science degree in health studies and earned his doctorate of physical therapy from Utica College.

He advanced his education with a master’s of healthcare administration from Utica University.

For the last six years, Kemp has been employed as a physical therapist at Rome Health, where he has evaluated and treated patients in the acute, sub-acute and senior behavioral health settings.

“As a child, visiting my grandmother in a nursing home, I learned the importance of taking care of someone when they weren’t able to care for themselves anymore,’’ Kemp said in a news release from Rome Health. “I always wanted to better the lives of people which was the main reason for becoming a physical therapist.”

“I decided to pursue my licensure as a nursing home administrator to be able to have that same impact on a larger scale,” Kemp said. “By doing so, I can work with other healthcare professionals to ensure that our community has access to quality healthcare with compassion for years to come.”

RHCF Administrator Charlie Lewis will serve as Kemp’s mentor as he prepares to sit for his nursing home administrator licensing examination.

Lewis has been a licensed nursing home administrator for more than 20 years and plans on retiring later this year.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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