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New Year, New Energy

While her official start date with the Waterville Central School District came in January, WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring said this fall feels like a new beginning.

“To come in the middle of the Covid restrictions and not be able to immediately do things I would have done,’’ she said, “to get to know the district and have the district get to know me was difficult.

“We got through it but I believe now is when we’ll really start to break through as a district and go forward.’’

Spring came to Waterville last winter from the Cohoes City School District, where she had been superintendent. After starting her professional career in the Utica City School District, Spring moved to New Hartford, where she became principal of the High School and raised her three sons.

In her first eight months in Waterville Spring has led the district to the start of a rebranding, what she says will better define goals and plans.

“What is Waterville as a school district? One aspect is the closeness our community, families and students all have,’’ she said.

Spring said she is excited to have 30 minutes added to each school day for the next three years. This addresses learning gaps created since March 2020 when students spent a considerable amount of time, or all of it, learning remotely.

Those additional classroom minutes will push WCS toward the Action Steps and Accomplishments Spring, administrators and Board of Education members identified in the spring and summer. The Action Plan contains a timeline and people responsible for each Action Step.

“We’ll have accountability and measurements that will…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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