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New Stop Signs Supported

The Village of Clinton Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

The Board opened a Public Hearing to discuss the adoption of a Local Law Section 235-5 "Stop Intersections." The amendment approves the installation of stop signs on New Street at the intersection with Beatty Avenue, on Kellogg Street at the intersection with Mulberry Street and on Fountain Street at the intersection with Chestnut Street.

Village resident Militka said, "We are very excited about the placement of the stop sign as we are concerned for the safety of young children on the street. Is it possible to request speed bumps or some other installation to contribute to slowing down the traffic in the area?"

Village resident Michael Zielinski said, "We've been battling the speeding issue on New Street for a long time. We are very excited by the opportunity to slow the traffic down. There are several elderly residents and children on those streets at-risk. We're also excited about the steps the Village is taking to reduce speed throughout the Village."

Village of Clinton Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo read an excerpt from a letter received from David Polozi. "We have lived on New Street for 48 years. We support the installation of the two stop signs. Hopefully it deters the high-speed shortcut through the Village."

One resident added, "The speeding down Fountain Street has been a problem for years. It's only gotten worse over time.

“Close to one in 10 cars entering the Village are speeding. I've observed them going over 50 mph past my home and I'm largely in favor of installing the stop signs."

A letter from Bart Ferrell read, "We are in favor of stop signs on…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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