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New Program At Brookfield School

Brookfield Central School will offer a new service to students and families to help students shake off the pandemic’s effects.

BCS Board of Education members heard a presentation at their meeting last week from Safe Schools Mohawk Valley. Anne Lansing, chief executive officer, and Melanie Adams, director, outlined the services the program offers.

Safe Schools started in the Utica City School District in 1999 as a way to address the cause of school shootings. Since then the organization has branched out to become a separate non-profit working in 10 districts.

The women said the organization focuses on why kids disengage from school and creating programs to enhance school engagement. They set goals with the student and work with families to overcome obstacles.

Adams said there is a student she calls every morning at 6:50 to be sure he is up for school. Later in the school day he checks in with her. She also found an alarm clock for him to use.

“His attendance isn’t perfect but it’s a lot better,’’ she said.

Principal Ron Pavlus said Safe Schools Mohawk Valley works well with what the staff has been talking about in regards to making connections with students. He said the program will be formally in place soon.

Pavlus said the holiday season was used to both celebrate and to have students think of others. Fifth graders did a food drive…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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