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Mt. Markham Bus Driver Retires After 56 Years

One time while driving his Mount Markham Central School route, driver Jack Birmingham had to tell some boys in the back to settle down.

After four or five times with no results, Birmingham pulled his bus over.

He walked to the back where the boys waited.

“I told them they could have a good bus driver and I would be good to them, if they were good to me,’’ he said.

“And I said they could have a bad bus driver if they were bad to me.

“I never had trouble with them again,’’ he said.

Birmingham, 86, retired this year after driving buses for Mt. Markham since 1968. Health issues, he said, forced him to give up what he still loves.

Birmingham was the guest of honor recently at a retirement party given by the District’s Transportation Department at the West ...


Best of luck Jack. Enjoy your retirement and you look great.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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