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Mount Markham Mustangs Of The Month

The Mount Markham Central School PBIS Leadership Team is proud to announce the Mustang of the Month award recipients for March.

Congratulations to Elaine Ojeda, Alicia Walker and Steve Evans Jr.

Elaine Ojeda is in her 29th and final year of teaching at Mount Markham Middle School. Elaine attended Cincinnatus Central School and Keuka College.

She said she fell in love with Mount Markham right away because it reminded her of home. Elaine said the key to her success has been putting herself in her students’ shoes and attempting to understand the world through their eyes.

Comments from Elaine’s students (past and present) and peers show right away how valued Elaine is as a teacher, mentor and friend:

“Mrs. Ojeda has been a strong advocate and support for the students that she works with for years.”

“Overall, Mrs. Ojeda is a great teacher, an outstanding person to talk to and an amazing friend.”

“[Elaine] is always there for her students and treats them like her own children. She makes me proud of myself even when I feel like I could do better. I can let my guard down for her because I trust her completely.”

When Elaine is not working at school, she enjoys tending to her flower beds and spending time with her family.

Steve Evans Jr. is a custodian at Mount Markham Elementary and a graduate of Mount Markham Central School District.

Steve owes much of his success to his deep connection to the Mount Markham community and the support of his parents…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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