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Mehendi Launches Wedding Festivities

Late Saturday afternoon, we kicked off three big days of wedding events.

It began with the henna party called Mehendi, followed Sunday evening by Sangeet, the open-air dinner-dance party and ring exchange ceremony. On Monday evening, the main wedding reception took place outside at a different location, followed at midnight by a ceremony of sacred vows and rituals held under the stars.

All three events featured live music, often beginning with a traditional flavor but eventually building to the crowd-pleasing Indi-pop and Bollywood dance music that always livened up the party. As these events progressed from one evening to the next, so did the “wow” factor.

Mehendi unfolded in a hotel near Valsad, with the groom’s mother welcoming us at the door of the colorful event room. Inside, members of our group took turns sitting between two henna artists on…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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