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Marshall ZBA Hears Input About Plan

The Town of Marshall Zoning Board of Appeals met Nov. 28 to hear a challenge to the decision made by the Codes Enforcement Officer regarding the country club proposed by Dan Williams on his land on VanHyning Road.

ZBA Chairperson Jamie McNair led the meeting, assisted by Debbie Zweifel Yaciuk, a member of the ZBA; and Samantha Morrone, Planning Board Chairperson.

McNair explained that two of the ZBA members have recused themselves on this particular issue, and Morrone was needed to constitute a quorum.

The public was invited to this hearing.

Van Hyning Road resident Deb Turner filed an application for an appeal to

CEO Gary Schreppel’s conclusion that the property on which Blueberry Brooke Farm Resort is located, which Williams owns, does qualify as a country club.

Turner argued that a country club requires ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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