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Marshall Sets Moratorium Regarding Wind Turbines

The January Marshall Town Board meeting started off with the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of the December 2021 meeting.

Following some business, the meeting was opened for the public hearing regarding the moratorium for the wind turbine law. It was agreed that a six-month moratorium is necessary to build a comprehensive law to counteract some companies which are offering contracts to landowners for large turbines, some 400 feet high.

The laws on the books now are not complete and do not protect the land owner and the people who live in the area of the turbines. Questions of the company going out of business and leaving behind the tower and its foundation need to be addressed.

This law, which the Comprehensive Committee is working on, is a combination of Kirkland and New Hartford’s laws with help from the state. This is a lengthy law, and probably will not be completed for a few more months.

The Town Board resolved to establish a six-month moratorium on wind turbines until a law can be enacted and approved. The public hearing was closed.

Councilmember Ken Ford gave the report for the Comprehensive Review Committee. The committee is working on a mining law, which should give the town some direction for mining enterprises.

This should be ready for review by the Town Board by February.

Rachel McNamara, who is a member of the committee, is working with other towns on the dog licensing and dog warden issues, including a leash law, which the town does…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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