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Marshall Halts Solar Commercial Projects

The April meeting of the Marshall Town Board opened with a public hearing about new solar construction in the Town.

There were some problematic items brought up by Tony Hallack of Felt- Evans in Clinton, who has been representing the Town by negotiating the host community agreements.

He said they needed more discussion.

The Board voted to create a moratorium on large solar fields until the issues can be resolved.

The meeting, chaired by Deputy Supervisor Ken Ford in the absence of Supervisor Colleen Baldwin, turned to the proposed Country Club planned by Dan Williams on Van Hyning Road.

He mentioned the questions the neighbors who live on Van Hyning Road had prepared for the Codes Enforcement Officer about the permits which may or may not have been issued.

CEO Gary Schreppel was there and answered some of the questions.

Others, Attorney Bill Schmitt said, could not be addressed because Article 78, which is the procedure for challenging the decisions of administrative bodies or officers, has been invoked.

Schreppel and Schmitt are meeting to come up with a solution.

Neighbors were reminded by Schmitt that the CEO cannot issue fines.

Once he has issued a Notice to Remedy, and there is no remedy or change, then he prepares a complaint to submit to the Town Justice, who issues a summons charging the perpetrator with violating the laws of the Town.

Dante Ruia of the Planning Board reported the Board is down one member, so they have been unable to meet.

Ford introduced Jack Clark of Shanley Road as an interested party to join the Planning Board.

The Planning Board has ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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