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Marshall Buys New Loader

The February meeting of the Marshall Town Board opened with the approval of the minutes of the January meeting.

Van Hyning resident Deb Turner brought up that at the May 2023 Town Board meeting, a resolution was made that “any Town information from personal cell phone can be FOIL requested.”

She asked again why CEO Gary Schreppel deleted information pertinent to town business from his cell phone, and what was the Board going to do about that.

Another Van Hyning resident, Colleen McGill, agreed, and went on to argue that there is no transparency.

She said Schreppel does not respond to their concerns or questions about the zoning issues on that road.

Board member Ken Ford told the residents he had spoken with Schreppel and instructed him to acknowledge the comments Schreppel received regarding Dan Williams’ activities on Van Hyning Road.

He said Williams had showed the CEO plans for a Quonset- type hut he planned to put ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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