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Marshall Adds Cameras To Highway Vehicles

The January meeting of the Town of Marshall Board opened with a public hearing regarding local law 5-2022, called “A Local Law Establishing the Code Enforcement Program in the Town of Marshall.”

The matter, introduced by New York state, was presented to the Town Council at the December meeting when the they agreed to hold a public hearing. After there was no comment, other than to have it clarified it was a State matter and not drawn up by the town, the hearing was closed.

Deb Turner of Van Hyning Road asked if Dan Williams had received a permit for his activities concerning Blueberry Brook Resort on Van Hyning Road. Also, the business has expanded exponentially with no oversight, several of the neighbors said.

Colleen McGill asked where this matter is going; she said they have been waiting for over two years for a resolution.

Supervisor Jack Buschmann said he had recently received information and gained a lot more knowledge about the subject. When asked why this was confidential, he responded that the Board has not yet been briefed concerning the new information, but when they are up to speed on the matter, the public will know how the issue will be resolved.

Councilmember Bob Blunt said wetland encroachment on Williams’ land was a concern because of the amount of logging taking place. He is waiting for a map of wetlands in that area from the DEC.

There was no Planning Board report, but someone has come forward who would like to be on the Board. It was decided to ask her to send a letter of intent and talk more with her before appointing her…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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