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Madison Central School Explores Childcare Plans

At their November meeting the Madison Central School Board of Education reviewed options for before and after school childcare programs.

Superintendent Jason Mitchell outlined options to Board members. This is part of the Mental Health Wellness grant the District received.

Also at the meeting, Board members approved combining with Morrisville-Eaton Central School for this year’s football, wrestling and girls volleyball at all levels.

Board members approved the following appointments: Adam Jennett, Art teacher, effective Dec. 12; Alexandra Palese, Music teacher, effective Nov. 7; and Colton Mennig, long-term Elementary substitute for Special Education.

Alexis Tubbs was appointed girls junior varsity basketball coach. Amy Coleman was approved as a volunteer to the girls basketball program.

Board members accepted the resignations of bus driver Ken Chapman and Teacher aide Kimberly Crossway.

Elementary Principal LeeAnn Cucci said the first Math Community Night is being planned.

Secondary Principal Larry Nichols said they are looking into anti-vaping programs. Students learned from Office Don March about appropriate and inappropriate communications with each other regarding firearms.

Director of Curriculum Brian Latella discussed events and field trips taken by students.

Prior to the public portion of the meeting, Board members met in executive session to review material regarding an appeal of a recent decision by Mitchell.

That lasted 30 minutes.

After the 25-minute public portion of the meeting, Board members went into another executive session regarding the matter and invited the student and family. The student, family and Board members Brett Reiter and Jennifer Lavoie all left the executive session after 20 minutes.

The other five Board members left executive session and re-entered public session eight minutes later and were joined by Reiter and Lavoie. Reiter and Lavoie abstained from the vote, while Tobias Abrams, Laura Billings, Jessica Clark, Jona Snyder and Jennah Turner voted in favor of upholding the decision made by the Superintendent after a hearing.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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