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Madison Cemetery

A tour of Madison Village Cemetery, which was incorporated in 1881, kicked off October. The historical tour of the cemetery, where actors told the stories of those who are buried there, was a project that partnered Madison Central School, Town of Madison Historical Society, Madison County Historian’s Office and the Cemetery Association. Students helped research the deceased. Tik-Tok-famous Madison science teacher Megan Barnes, well known on social media for cleaning local headstones while telling the story of the deceased person, invited eleventh grader Kyle Peavey to help clean the most unique stone at the Village Cemetery - a tree-shaped grave marker with hidden meanings. Barnes told how she started cleaning gravestones and how her Tik Tok account gained millions of views and thousands of followers. Proceeds of the event were split between the Town of Madison Historical Society and MVC.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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