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Looking Good In Richfield

Travelers in Richfield Springs have seen many more colors on their daily routes thanks to the generosity of a local resident.

James Jordan recently completed a beautification project on the two lots on each side of US Route 20 near the intersection of Main and River Street.

The renovations included new sidewalks on both sides of Main Street, replacement of River Street’s curb, newly planted trees, shrubbery, flowers, grass, a neon-lighted post clock, streetlights, and sitting areas furnished with wooden benches that are provided for public use.

Jordan, a fourth-generation lifelong Richfield Springs resident, first got the idea for the project a couple of years ago. “I saw that the lots had been empty for a while, and I thought that this project would be a good way to add to the scenery of the village,” Jordan said.

After graduating from Richfield Springs Central School with the Class of 1968…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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